The Flexcords fitness system


Flexcords have a variety of tensions based on a coloured scale. This means that you're in complete control of your workout! Choose the best tension suited for your exercise routine or change up the resistance depending on the exercise being performed. You'll find that different ranges of resistance for different exercises makes workouts like circuit training easy to perform and then master.

Difficulty with each tension will vary depending on the individual. But that's a good thing! Changing cords and progressing to the next colour means it's easy to track your progress and improvement. The higher the tension the better you're getting!

Using free weights and dumbells means spending time changing weights during your exercise, this can detract from your routine and mess with your rhythm. Using Flexcords will give you a smooth seamless workout. You're heart rate will stay elevated and you'll be burning calories constantly.

Flexcords_3rdSetFlexcords also enable you to do what is called a 'Super Set' - consecutive multiple exercises targeting the same muscle group. Simply changing the angle and position of your body and the arc of your repetitions will keep your muscles guessing and force them to adapt with increased flexibility, strength and endurance.

The easy to use Flexcords door attachment unlocks dozens of different exercises that were once impossible to perform with free weights and benches. Best of all, it's portable and fits any door handle.

Gym memberships are expensive, free weights are limiting and home gyms are bulky. Compare that with the price and portability of a set of Flexcords. Get a more complete workout for a fraction of the price and be able to carry the entire Flexcords fitness system in your briefcase.

Put away your car keys. Avoid the after-work rush hours. There's no need to drive to the gym when you can workout and get fit anytime from the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a quick, easy workout 10 minutes a day to see results with Flexcords. Stay focused and improve your overall health and well-being without devoting hours a day. Flexcords bring the gym to you!

Because your body is moving in new ways and targeting the muscles that couldn't be exercised before, Flexcords are crucial in preventing injuries.


By strengthening your stabilizing muscles, your joints will become stronger and you'll have increased flexibility. Performing exercises with a wide range of motion and constant tension also means that your muscles are being stretched while you're exercising! This greatly improves muscle tone and muscular endurance for that sleak and trim look you've always wanted.

Using resistance bands will reduce the chance of injury, improve your flexibility and improve your posture. Performing regular exercises using Flexcords is also a great way to get back to exercising after a break or to rehabilitate and repair injured muscles.

Every exercise you perform using Flexcords is dynamic, this means your whole body is in on the act. Even while you're targeting your chest or shoulders stabilizing muscles in your core and joints are working too! They're keeping you upright, maintaining your posture and improving your balance...and you didn't even realise!


  • I tried everything, including fancy gyms and personal trainers. Flexcords just works better. I lost 20 pounds and I fit my old clothes again...cheers guys!
  • It's great when people notice a difference before you do...
  • Simple, easy and affordable. And no more Gym Jocks to put up with.
  • I cancelled my gym membership and lost 11 pounds.
  • I don't have to ask my husband to help me carry in the groceries anymore. He's proud of me.
  • All I do is use Flexcords to workout and I feel great and look better than ever.
  • I'm not embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach anymore.
  • I tried everything, including fancy gyms and personal trainers. Flexcords just works better. I lost 20 pounds and I fit my old clothes again...cheers guys!
  • Simple, easy and affordable. And no more Gym Jocks to put up with.


FLEXCORDS Resistance Bands Home Gym


  • White Lightning Flexcord: 40 - 55 lbs
  • Blue Flexcord: 28 - 40 lbs
  • Red FLexcord: 18 - 28 lbs
  • Green Flexcord: 12 - 18 lbs
  • Orange Flexcord: 7 - 12 lbs
  • Yellow Flexcord: 3 - 6 lbs
  • Door Attachment

Great for beginner or advanced users
Resistance from 2-55 lbs

Includes a 90 day money back guarantee

Simply return your Flexcords for a no questions asked refund

*Shipping fees are non-refundable. Flexcords may contain trace amounts of latex and are not suitable for those with latex allergies.


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